Real estate photography Packages Start at 165.00 

for properties up to 2000 SQ.ft.

Ad 20 USD for every next 1000 sq.ft.

I do not limit myself to how many pictures you will receive. I will deliver as many or little as needed to show the property in the best light.

Ad Ons

Areal Photography 75 USD (100 if used as a stand-alone service)

Areal Video 150 USD (75 USD if used as an ad on to walkthrough video)

3-5 min Walkthrough Video 150 USD

Virtual Staging 50 USD per room

3d Matterport(Dollhouse)+ 2D Floorplan

  • $175 Property Size up to 1500sf
  • $199 Property Size up to 2000sf
  • $299 Property Size up to 3000sf
  • $399 Property Size up to 5000sf
  • $599 Property Size up to 7000sf
  • $799 Property Size up to 1000sf

Floor plans with measurements start at 50 USD for 2000 sq.ft property.

Next day delivery

100 USD per person 5 edited files delivered.

If corporate office shot more then 2 people same day same time 75 USD per person.

Food and product photography

75 USD per hour + preparation costs.

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