Sell your house with video walk trough!

How to sell a house in these challenging times?

Your seller does not want people roaming through the house….sell it virtually.

I will make a simple video walk trough for the property and you can share it on your social media and MLS.

Did you know youtube is one of the most search tools?

Post your video on youtube and then link to MLS and improve your property’s search ranking. Do not how?

As a certified MLS photographer, I can help you. I will upload your real estate pictures and link your youtube videos to your MLS listing and, as you know then it will be picked up BY Zillow,, etc. But if you wish I can even upload your video to Zillow directly.

I can even make you a little short Instagram reel. Just ask me!

West Palm Beach real estate Photography. Living room
Walkthrough video for real estate Martin County

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