Delete furniture and virtually stage your listing.

Looks much nicer when old outdated furniture is gone and the kid “moved in” Or “clean up” the Master bedroom Help your potential buyers imagine how the property could be updated and let the virtually ‘move in”

How to prepare your property for a real estate photography session

As a real estate photographer, I have photographed countless homes and apartments. However, the best shoots are always the ones where homeowners take the time to prepare their property before my arrival. Recently, I had the pleasure of photographing a beautiful apartment located right on the beach in Palm Beach, FL. The owners had preparedContinue reading “How to prepare your property for a real estate photography session”

Video walk trough

Just a quick walk-through to show this beautiful property. Some of your clients are trying to buy property while still living up north. Video walk-through is a great way to give the feeling that they are visiting the house and can see the beauty with their own eyes.